Does This Sound Like You?

Are you a former entrepreneur seeking a new job or career?

Do you need to find a job quickly? Are your job search skills rusty? 

Do you know what type of work you want to do? What types of industries are you interested in? 

Do you know how to get your resume through the ATS?

How do you answer the question about you being able to work for other people after being your own boss?

This Online Course Can Help You.

Through my own experience and by coaching others, I created a roadmap to finding a rewarding job after being an entrepreneur.

Reduce the time it takes to get a new job and career.

This online course breaks down the steps and gives you the tools to successfully transition from an Entrepreneur to an Employee.

  • Phase 1

    Identify the type of work you like and what kind of job want to do.

  • Phase 2

    Learn where to find those jobs and how to position yourself in the market.

  • Phase 3

    Apply for jobs and be prepared for the interview process.

Your Roadmap to Becoming an Employee

Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Inner Work

    • Introduction to Inner Work

    • Lesson 1 - Your Natural Wiring

    • Lesson 2 - What You Are Naturally Good At

    • Lesson 3 - What You Love Doing

    • Worksheet - Inner Work

    • Lesson 4 - Reinvention

    • Lesson 5 - What Field to Enter

  • 3

    External Situation

    • Introduction to External Situation

    • Lesson 1 - Industries

    • Lesson 2 - Companies

    • Lesson 3 - Roles

    • Worksheet & Tutorial - External Situation Scorecard

    • Getting Feedback

  • 4

    Personal Branding

    • Introduction to Personal Branding

    • Lesson 1 - LinkedIn

    • Lesson 2 - Resume

    • Lesson 3 - Cover Letter

  • 5


    • Introduction to Activity

    • Lesson 1 - Setting Your Expectations

    • Lesson 2 - How to Structure Your Job Search

    • Lesson 3 - Job Activity Tracker | Worksheet & Tutorial

    • Lesson 4 - Applying for Jobs

    • Lesson 5 - Networking

    • Lesson 6 - Conversion Funnel

    • Lesson 7 - Training

    • Lesson 8 - Interviewing

  • 6

    Wrapping Up

    • Introduction to Wrapping Up

    • Lesson 1 - Do the Work

    • Lesson 2 - Take Care of Yourself

    • Lesson 3 - You Can Do This!

    • Getting Feedback

  • 7

    Bonus Chapter

    • Introduction to Fitting in at Your New Job

    • Lesson 1 - You're an Employee Now

    • Lesson 2 - Control Your Destiny

The Entrepreneur to Employee Course

This online course is the key to helping you get back to work.

It can take a long time to land a job after having owned and operated your own business. Especially, if you've been doing it for a long time. If you need a job sooner than later, this course will help you shorten the timeframe.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Speed up the process of moving from an entrepreneur to an employee

  • Optimize your job search

  • Be more purposeful and efficient with your activity

  • Identify what training to seek out 

  • Determine what types of jobs you are best suited for

  • Find opportunities that are a good fit for your skills and ideals

  • Stay motivated throughout the process

  • Transition from an entrepreneur to an employee

In this course, I share insider tips and tactics. 

  • Learn what I wish I knew when I started the process of reentering the job market

  • Set up and track personal output and productivity goals

  • Get unique insight and strategies from an experienced entrepreneur to employee

Talk With A Coach

Free 30-Minute Call

All students taking this course are entitled to a free 30-minute call with Bill Ross. Bill is a Small Business Coach and Consultant and is the creator and instructor of The Entrepreneur to Employee course. Students also gain access to the Opposite of Work Entrepreneur to Employee private Facebook group.